Customer zone

Welcome to our CUSTOMER ZONE.

What is a customer zone?
The Customer zone has been created to enable our customers to send their requests for quotation in electronic way. Using this option you can send your requests regardless our opening hours. Our Purchase Order department receives your order and will contact you as soon as possible.


How can I get access?

Regular customer – we grant access upon customer's request. In order to be granted access to our Customer zone contact us via phone – the number is (33) 845-50-30. After successful verification of your Company data you will receive your login and password.

New customer – we grant access upon customer's request, but after receiving your first purchase order.

How to use the Customer zone?
You may log-in at the homepage after clicking the "CUSTOMER ZONE" icon in upper right corner of our website.
After you enter your login and password you will see a message that you are logged-in and then you may use all functionalities of our site. We hope that the new solution will make ordering goods much easier.


Explanation concerning purchase orders.

We would like to inform you that all the flower pots, vases, planter blocks, bowls and saucers are packed together in 10 pieces multi-packs. Except for egg-shaped flower pot which is sold in 20 pieces multi-packs and saucers of 11 cm, 13 cm and 14 cm sizes, which are sold in 50 pieces packs. In case of any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.