About us

For 30 years the Szemikowie Company has been the biggest producer of flower pots made of plastic materials.

Among our vast range of goods we offer the following categories of products:

  • Flower pots

  • Garden planters

  • Flower boxes

  • Vases

  • Hanging flower pots

  • Bowls

  • Coasters

Our products have various patterns and colours, the full selection of products is listed in the catalogue issued on our website and also in the advertising brochure.

All the patterns are reserved by The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in Warsaw.

Having access to good quality raw materials and possessing modern engineering and technical infrastructure, we guarantee our clients high quality and working life of our products.

The labour staff, that has experience of many years in this branch, has been continuously educating in order to increase its qualification.

The offered products meet the European requirements and all the necessary standards.

The sale of our products contains Polish and foreign markets, in particular: Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, German and many others.

As opposed to the other manufacturers, our full range of products “on client’s request” is always available in company’s stock in sufficient quantities.

We owe our own transport that ensures fast completion of an order with client’s delivery.

We kindly invite you to establish cooperation with us.